Tighten or Remove Couplers

picture of EZ Dock socket adapter for coupler nut

If you are in rough water locations take a few minutes in the Spring and make sure all of your coupler nuts are tight.

EZ Dock is designed to move “with” rough water much like a catepillar moves across a surface. If you want to see the advantage in using EZ Dock visit our gallery of videos and watch EZ Dock in a hurricane.

The couplers allow the dock to move and flex in rough water which could loosen nuts that hold the top and bottom connector together. Simply snug them up and you are good for another season. To tighten a coupler nut you need the socket adapter that fits on a standard 3/4" socket and drive - do not over tighten as you can break the poly bolt, just snug it up.

The socket adapater is part number 900005 and has a cost of $1. The official name of the part is DRIVE TOOL SOCKET FOR COMPOSITE PRODUCT.

Removing Couplers

picture of EZ Dock Coupler Tool

If you are removing couplers for any reason remove the nut on the top coupler, tie a string around the threads of the bolt that the nut was covering and rock the dock by standing over the connection point. The bottom coupler will drop out and you can retrieve the bottom coupler and bolt easily for re-use.