Docking Your PWC with an EZ Port 3

The key to docking a personal water craft [PWC] on an EZ Port 3 is control of the Waverunner.

Any PWC with reverse makes it easier to bring the nose of the Waverunner to touch the first roller in the water. Once you have come to a stop with the nose of the Waverunner against the roller then accelerate and “climb” the machine onto the dock. Hitting the first roller or either side of the dock near the roller while moving can damage the hull of the Waverunner.

The recommended process for docking the machine is to use reverse if you have it on your PWC and stop forward motion - when the roller and hull are aligned, then give the Waverunner throttle to roll over the first roller and next three. If you do not have reverse approach the EZ Port 3 as slowly as possible but stay centered on the roller.