Remove Dock Sections Don’t Lose Couplers

picture of EZ Dock socket adapter for coupler nut
coupler socket adapter

Uncoupling the EZ Dock Sections is simple

To uncouple EZ Dock section your will need a socket adapter tool which fits on a standard 3/4” socket drive. The tool is an adapter that will fit the coupler nut that holds the top and bottom coupler together between the dock sections. The socket adapter has a star shapped pattern that is designed to fit into the same pattern on the coupler nut.

The black couplers (some people call the dog bones due to their similar shape) consist of a top coupler, bottom bottom coupler and a black plastic poly bolt and nut. The only "trick" to taking the dock sections apart is not to lose the bottom coupler which can fall out if you do not use a string on the coupler bolt for retrieval (see note below regarding string).

Simply back off the plastic nut and remove the top coupler with a flat screw driver prying it out of the dock pocket. This will expose the black poly bolt that is left - do this for each coupler in the line that is holding the one dock section together. Only disconnect one dock at a time.

  • There are six couplers if docks are joined side to side
  • There are four couplers between the 80" X 10' dock sections
  • There are three couplers between a 60" X 10' dock sections
  • There are two couplers between the 40" X 10' dock sections

Remove only one row of coupler nuts at a time (one dock section at a time).

Once you have the nut and top black coupler removed tie a string using a "slip knot" around the threads of each coupler bolt that is exposed and replace the coupler nut over the string. Stradling the two dock sections that are joined rock the docks and the coupler bottom and bolt will fall out. Keeping the string in your hand pull the string between the docks and bring the couplers to the top of the dock (otherwise the bottom coupler and bolt will fall to the bottom - they do not float).

Pipe Brackets

Pipe brackets can be removed in a similar manner - the Heavy Duty pipe brackets use couplers, the Light Duty pipe brackets use screws to join the upper and lower pieces.

Piling Brackets

Piling brackets can be disconnected easily.

Hinge Kits

Hinges kits simply have a cotter pin and straight pin that is removed to separate an EZ Dock that was connected to a wood dock.

Dock Cleats

Cleats on a dock make it easy to secure the dock section after it is disconnected from the system and the cleats are strong enough to allow a dock section to be lifted by dock lines on the cleats if you have a way to hoist the dock section.

Otherwise just pull the dock section on to what dock is left and then carry it from the water via the gangway or beach path.