Maintain / Adjust EZ Port Rollers

Increasing the Efficiency of your EZ Port 2, 3 and 4

We hear from customers that it is difficult to launch their watercraft and they have to strain and lift the machine with one or more people pushing.

There are two things you can do to eliminate this problem and make launching and docking easy for any owners:

1. Grease the rollers each year - this requires a special tip that will fit on any grease gun and you can use the Lincoln Grease Needle LNC-5803 (see photo below). This part is available from The Tool Warehouse and many other online tool stores on the web (google the phrase above). The cost with shipping is approximately $14.25.

grease needle Lincoln Grease Needle LNC-5803


2. Adjust the rollers - the watercraft should be resting on the rollers, not the dock. If they are adjusted properly the machine will rock slightly from side to side when on the dock which keeps the watercraft off the dock while launching or docking. There are several roller adjustments you can make that either raise or lower the rollers with the third roller (on the Port 3) the most critical.

Please see this document for additional details.