Measuring for a FloatStep Ladder

The industry's first dock ladder to remove itself automatically when not in use is now available for fixed and floating docks (watch short video).

Gone is the marine growth and barnacles that have been a part of every ladder prior to the introduction of the FloatStep ladder.

Flip up ladders, pull up ladders and all other variations of dock ladders fail when someone forgets to remove the ladder after each use. Fixed ladder steps remaining in the water are a constant problem to customers causing injury and aggravation.  Even if you have a removable ladder the increased danger of being in the water unexpectedly and not being able to access the ladder is a greater risk.

How to measure for a FloatStep Ladder

measure ladder

  1. Measure from the top of your dock to the lowest water mark.
  2. Add a minimum of one (1) foot to measurement.
  3. The resultant number tells you how many steps your ladder should have - see Example below.


  • The top of your dock to the lowest water mark measures 3 ft.
  • Add 1 ft. to your measurement
  • You will need a 4 Step ladder

Note that adding the additional 1 foot length to the measurement will allow for safe and constant ladder availability.