Dock Accessories

EZ Dock and Oregon Marine Construction provide over seventy standard and custom dock accessories for your EZ Dock system.

While the standard list of accessories from EZ Dock is more extensive than any other dock system, Oregon Marine Construction extends the manufacturer's list by providing many additional custom accessories which can be used to receive more value and functionality from any dock system - EZ Dock, wood or metal.

Oregon Marine Construction sells these custom accessories through EZ Dock Mid-Atlantic.

Please visit the dedicated EZ Dock Mid-Atlantic accessory web site - if you do not see the accessory you need just ask us for it! We will provide the design and manufacturing services and make that accessory available to you as well and add it as a custom accessory for use on all dock systems.

To see a complete list of standard accessories from EZ Dock and custom accessories from Mid-Atlantic Docks that can be used on an EZ Dock system click here.

To see a list of standard EZ Dock accessories click here.

To see a list of custom Mid-Atlantic Dock accessories click here.

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Dock Accessories