Oregon Marine Construction – Services


We offer permit assistance for piling, boat houses and docks. We’re here to guide you through the process as your consultant or simply have us manage the entire process. With laws and regulations changing regularly, our experience and knowledge working with the Department of State Lands, Army Corp of Engineers, Department of Fish and Wildlife and local governments will prove valuable.


Maintaining the integrity of the environment we live and work in is important to us. Marine conservation has been a part of projects throughout our building careers and we are making efforts to expand these endeavors. Our divers recover a multitude of debris at our job sites which is then recycled if possible or disposed of properly. If you are interested in funding clean-up projects or you know of a body of water in need of these services, please contact us.


We understand that everyone’s needs vary especially due to the different geographical locations we serve. We design projects with all these variables in mind and offer a wide of custom solutions using the highest quality and environmentally friendly materials. Wood, galvanized steel, and aluminum frames are a few of the options we offer. Allow us to guide you through your dock building adventure by visiting your location for a full site survey. Upon completion of the survey we will be able to recommend a solution that’s right for you and your property. Oregon Marine Construction serves as Oregon’s EZ Dock dealer. EZ Dock is a rotomolded docking system made from low-linear density polyethylene. Its patented hollow chamber eliminates the need for foam and other types of floatation. This combined with light penetration contributes to its eco-friendly design. EZ Dock is a low-maintenance and flexible solution for your dock needs. The product can be left in year-round or removed seasonally in areas with greater water level variations. Call us for an estimate on seasonal dock removal and re-installation services. EZ Dock is offered in four different sizes and in both beige and light gray colors. A multitude of accessories is also available including railings, benches, dock boxes, multi-colored solar powered lights, as well as a variety of EZ ports for small boats and personal watercraft. For further details about the EZ Dock products we offer, please visit our EZ Dock section.


In addition to EZ Dock ramps, we offer both aluminum and steel ramps in whatever width or length you need. Our ramp builders are proven to create both attractive and durable solutions with non-slip grids. See our Project gallery for pictures of some of our ramp installations.


Oregon Marine Construction serves Oregon as its Sunstream and HydroHoist boat lift dealer. Our most popular lift, Sunstream’s floatlift, offers unsinkable floats, remote control hydraulic action, solar power and an optional cover. This lift is available in sizes to accommodate the following weights for your boat: 6,000 lbs., 10,500 lbs., 13,000 lbs., 15,000 lbs. Please see our Sunstream page or Sunstream’s official website for more information. For a more discreet option, HydroHoist boat lifts offer air-actuated movement, custom-molded, high-impact polyethylene tanks and durability from construction that keeps the steel parts above water. These lifts come in a variety of models to accommodate low water levels, front or side mounting and a range of boats from 4,400 lbs. to 28,000 lbs. Please see our HydroHoist page or the HydroHoist official website.   We also have used inventory for sale here


Our custom built pile driving barges allow us to travel throughout the state and service small to large waterways. Our large barge is fully equipped with a hydraulic crane, air hammers, welding equipment, underwater chainsaw and an array of other underwater tools. We drive new and extract or repair old or damaged piling. We typically drive steel pilings up to 12″ in diameter. For an estimate and plan for your project contact us today. Our barge and other equipment are available for rent – see our dock leasing section.


We offer replacement flotation as well as new construction for docks, decks and floating homes. Flotation includes fully encapsulated dock floats, air tanks, Dow closed cell foam and standard wrapped Styrofoam billets. Please contact us to find out more details for your specific needs.


Our certified divers have over 25 years of experience diving in Oregon waterways. We utilize this service as part of our projects when replacing flotation and clean-up of project areas. Diving services are also available for replacing zinc anodes, boat cleaning, prop repair, recovery and a multitude of other diving projects.


We fabricate a variety of small items such as crab davits and pump stands to large pieces like ramps and custom railing. We often utilize this service when creating quality custom projects. Please contact us for fabrication solutions in aluminum, steel and stainless materials.